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I met Alex Cereda some time ago, and consequently understood, finally, what “Esoteric Hi-Fi” really means.  Initially, the effect of his Stones made me suspicious.  After overcoming my bout of skepticism, I bought my first four.  It was impossible to arrange them throughout my entire system, so I decided to put two under the pre-amp and the others under the CD player.  I thought: “this takes music to the next level.”  As time passed, the growth of my system’s quality was inversely proportional to that of my bank account…but my increasing satisfaction made up for it.


Alex and I lost contact for a while, until we met by a chance at the G.C Ricci fair in Rome a few months ago.  I’ll tell you about my moment of truth: when we placed the Big Stone on the speakers’ transformers, there was an immediate, clearly perceptible increase in transparency.  Harmonics that had been a bit weak only moments before were suddenly clear.  After that, we placed Stones on the loudspeakers, themselves.  The result was greater detail and separation between instruments, clearer, sharper vocals, and consistent, much-improved high-mid reproduction.  I’m sure that you could get similar performance without Alex’s products, but you’d pay a lot more for it.  What appealed to me the most was, again, the greater transparency and detail across the high-mids, and the bigger, tighter low end.  You really have to hear it to believe it!


I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Alex for granting me a bit of his precious time and experience.  After a follow-up meeting – and a few additional Stones – we managed to obtain a magical sound.  Esoteric sound, even.  Thank you, Alex!


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