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I first came across Alessandro Cereda a couple of years ago when I read an advertisement for his turntable mat in Audiophile.  After contacting him, I bought that mat.  It turned out to be the first of many purchases.


It was immediately apparent that Alessandro is well-educated in the realm of music in all its forms: classical, jazz, rock, avant-garde, etc.  Listening to him speak about the insights that led to the creation of his products was enlightening.  Over the past two years, I think I’ve bought a little bit of everything from his catalog.  Turntable mat, CD mat, Stones in various sizes…so many Kubes, Yasoda cables, power supplies, and Jiva lacquer.


I’d like to say a few words about the Kube, to help you understand its impact and truly shocking effect.  I’ve bought 12 of them – yes, 12 – because the more I added, the more dramatically my system’s sound improved.  The Kubes should be placed at the positive and negative poles of the amp (both pre- and power) at the speaker inputs, and at the record player. 


The Yasoda 4 cable, designed for power connection, is phenomenal – a revelation.  It has resoundingly impacted my system's audio performance.  I must say that at first, I was planning to switch out some of my hi-fi components, for instance the speakers but after experiencing these tests, I will change absolutely nothing.  In the end, the resulting system is a pleasant surprise, with a remarkable increase in information, dynamics, and musicality, revealing nuances of sound that I had never heard.  It’s provided a vast and highly-detailed sound that I could not have imagined.


I should also comment on Alessandro Cereda’s outstanding patience and availability – two qualities that are increasingly rare, but are of vital importance to creating a great listening experience. 


The above are my impressions of Sublima’s products.  I must stress that each one has exceptional and revolutionary effects on the sound quality of a truly high-fidelity audio system. 


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