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I personally met Alex Cereda June of this year. Actually, I had already had a chance to see him at a demo at Top Audio in 2007 while he was presenting his stones in a high-quality audio Burmester system, and I had the opportunity to see the validity and capacity of his “creature” there. After the demo, I convinced myself to buy two sets of 4 medium stones. In April of this year, I came cross the box where I kept the 8 stones that I had put away before I moved house five years ago. I took the stones and placed 4 of them on top of the computer that’s dedicated to my high-resolution downloaded music and 4 on the Dac. After a few minutes of listening, I realized that something had changed….the piano was more dynamic, the sound clearer…I took off the stones and the previous light sound returned and the strength of the notes was lost. After other tests and comparisons with friends, I was sure that these really work.


Then, in June I called Alex and we meet in Rome. He explained to me how the stones work, the importance of fighting off the electromagnetic disturbances scattered in the environment surrounding the audio system and how these distrubance are caused by the very same electronics. So, I started buying his products.


Step by step, purchase after purchase, today I own:


10 Mini Stones, 6 of which are on the computer case and 4 on the preamplifier cables

10 Kubes, 8 of which are connected to the negative and positive amplifier outputs (1 & 2), 1 Kube connected to the turntable arm, 1 at the ground connection of phone preamp

6 Maxi Stones, 2 of which on the preamp (one above and one below), 1 below the phono preamp, 1 below the Dac, 2 below the left and right loudspeakers

12 Medium Stones all located on the loudspeaker cables Mit Evo One, above and below the the boxes of cables

1 filter composed of 3 special Kubes connected to the power supply (ground, phase, neutral)

1 Jiva Lacquer used to varnish all the Sublima stones and cartridge cables

1 Mat Chakra limited edition

My system:

CD player: Burmester 089 / Linn Unidisk 2.1
Preamplifier: Burmester 077
Phono Preamplifier: Burmester 100
Amplifier: Burmester 911mk3
Power Conditioner: Burmester 948
Turntable: Oracle Delphy mk5 with Lyra Kleos cartridge
Player for downloaded music: self-made computer
Dac: Merging Hapi
Loudspeakers: TAD Evolution One


The addition of the aforementioned Sublima accessories have really added value to the musical reproduction of my system starting with the setting, which is broad and deep, but above all the grain, which has now completely disappeared. Not that it was pronounced before, but now it’s now more fluid and harmonious and the hardening of the voice or of the full orchestra that could at times be heard in the past is no longer there. When you listen, the loudspeakers seem to disappear and become a frontal sound ambience - uniform, wide and deep. If I reproduce a high-fidelity recording, I notice I become emotionally involved. The backdrop of the setting is very dark and this distinctly facilitates the micro dynamic contrast and the reproduction of the harmonics found in the recording. The sound is also so clear that the instruments can be recognized in the space. The definition of the sound ambience is thorough, the instruments are almost tangible, the orchestra and chorus are even more limpid, the sound levels appear to be pronounced, the weight of the notes increase as much as the air between the instruments. Greater, richer harmonics can be clearly heard. For example, the notes from the piano seem to last longer because the entire sound generated from the hammer hitting the chord, or from the bow of the violin, can be heard. 


The sound of vinyl, which I had almost abandoned before this experience, is magnificent. Now with the Mat Chakra on the plate, the Kube on the arm and the Jiva on the cartridge cables, I listen for hours with great pleasure. Everything that has been produced makes the listen extremely enjoyable. In a month or so, I will also have the new Sublima invention “Correlatori Armonici”, which I already tried last summer when Alex brought them to my house to try them for a couple of hours. At that point, I will really leave behind the hi end realm to enter the realism sound. At the beginning of this escapade, I was rather skeptical about the validity of these devices, as I imagine it’s happened to a large amount of Sublima clients. Nevertheless, I was still hoping that some kind of improvement would be possible without having to replace speakers or cables. I was wrong to believe for so many years that I had an excellent sound from my system, without considering that there could be accessories to improve the sound further in order to reach its maximum capacity. 

Thanks Alex

Giorgio A.


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