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To take proper advantage of the accessories designed by Alex Cereda, it’s important to first understand his philosophy of reproduction.


The philosophy is conceptually one of having only the recorded sound heard, eliminating as much as possible the unauthentic frequencies inherent in the recording and environment. It’s therefore necessary to carefully consider the right places to put Cereda’s various stones and which signal and power cables to use optimizing the sound through this set-up. This process shouldn’t be fast, but rather slow and constant, revealing sounds as these improvements are implemented. In my opinion, it is crucial to start with Mats, placing them both on the cd and the record player. The second step to truly discover this new listening philosophy are the Kubes. Then, there are the mini Stones, the Jiva and the Stones, which are placed next to each other on the loudspeaker. At least this is the path I took. Additionally, the signal cables are fundamental. I installed a Sublima phono cartridge cable, the Yasoda 4 that has literally revolutionized the sound of my analog set-up in a positive way.


Ultimately, the resulting effect from this new listening philosophy is:


Greater timbral definition

Increased naturalness

Greater depth

Absolute relaxation when listening

The feeling of being live at the event


Sounds never heard emerge


The instruments are well identified even if they remain as one just as if live.

The resonant sound becomes vast, tangible, and believable!

I must say that I attained a reproduced sound that I could never have thought of achieving!


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