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In photo, Alessandro Cereda.

Sublima was founded out of Alessandro “Alex” Cereda’s will to apply his long-standing experience gained through years in the fields of radio, television, cinema, and security to the recording and reproduction of sound and video. We at Sublima love showing our real research with facts rather than with words: all our projects are original and aimed at an alternative listen that offers a concrete musical realism. Before leaving our laboratory, each of our products, cable or accessory, is tested to one of our points of reference: we must be the first satisfied listeners.


To be certain that the right path is taken, we design and build using the musical instruments’ sounds as a reference point and taking advantage of a collaboration of various musicians of international fame and the best reel recording devices. So…yes we greatly believe in analog, but also in digital….We believe that the compact disc has more information inside than what you could imagine and we want to help you discover it. Our company motto?


Originality, research, and passion for music…


Purchasing a Sublima product means appreciating the complex research and experimentation that goes into the creation of every single product and the maniacal attention and handicraft needed to build and tune it like a musical instrument…for the achievement of the Realism Sound.


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